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Neighborhood Broker, LLC

Storm Restoration Experts - Consult - Sales 

Neighborhood Broker, LLC works with General Contractors to restore homes from Storm Damage (Hail, Wind, Flood)

STEP 1:    NB, inspects storm damage inside and out of your home - FREE.

STEP 2:    Contact your insurance company to obtain a CLAIM # and forward it NB.

STEP 3:    Have your Insurance Co. contact NB at (703) 963-4868 to schedule the adjustment at your home.

STEP 4:    After the insurance company approves your home, they will send you a "Damage Estimate Report"                   that is the total cost / estimate (minus the home owners deductible) to restore your home.  Send                       the copy to NB for review.

STEP 5:    Schedule a time to meet with NB to go over project details to start the project process.

STEP 6:    Once the initial insurance check / funds are given to NB, materials will be ordered to start                                    the project.

STEP 7:    NB  will contact you for the material delivery & start date for your project.

STEP 8:    Please remove your vehicles from the garage & drive way & mow your lawn before materials arrive.


STEP 9:    Once the work is complete, NB will submit the "Certificate of Completion" to your insurance                                company to release the final and remaining funds that are the final payment to NB

STEP 10:  When the project is completed, NB will make sure all excess materials are cleaned up and all                              roofing nails will be magnetized to our best efforts to ensure safety for you and your family.

If the customer should cancel our NB agreement after you home was approved by your insurance company at any time, NB's cancellation bill is 10 % of the total amount of the approved insurance claim to cover the initial inspection and consulting work and is due immediately.  This only happens to clients that are going back on their word and our agreement, otherwise; that cost is deducted by completing agreement.